Rifts Unlimited

Session 12 - Dragcona / GODS / K'Torkid

(More detailed write up to come when I have more energy.)

We met Loki and Thor. We went into a dragon bar in Dragcona. We went back to Vivindale and fought and killed K’torkid.

The threat of the Splugorth, beings from space, gods and conflict between the Coalition and the Federation of Magic loom closer.

We’re going to take a small break from Rifts – I’ll update these log pages with short descriptions of what we’re playing.

Session 11 - InSpectres

We played InSpectres. More Rifts next week.

Session 10 - See Rifts Infinity

Amazing conclusion to the adventure started next week. They’re old and they’re ancient.

Session 9 - See Rifts Infinity

See Rifts Infinity Campaign page part 1. Tsukaesugi takes over and GMs the December games! Underwater Lovecraftian horror in the Rifts Megaverse. Rifts Infinity Obsidian Portal page

Atlantis The FINAL Session 8

Acid rain started pouring down onto the audience. Transdimensional beings started fleeing every which way. Some were being wounded, some tilted their heads back to drink the rain. The players escaped and met up with Balf the Ley Line Walker and Francis the Crazy.

Convinced to go to the city of dragons, Ice Pick, Balf, Francis, Sir Gallahad and Uma set out into the mountains.

They stopped at a monastery dedicated to elemental gods. They talked to the ice and air elemental and had a good night’s rest.

The next day they wandered into gargoyle territory. They were stopped by a gargoyle mage and four gurgoyles. Balf stopped the guygoyles in their tracks with magic fly paper and Ice Pick, Uma, Francis and Brother Gallahad ripped apart the mage. Before they could finish the mage off he teleported away.

They finally reached Avurron the capital city of the gargoyles. They started buying weapons. They were sent on a quest to kill a slaver for money and weapons. They reached the slaver and blind women (the cover of the first Rifts Core Rulebook) and engaged in battle with the slaver. As they defeated it a Dragon Dreadnought appeared in the sky and the party suddenly felt strange. They started feeling the terrible effects of being unwillingly teleported.

Splynn Session 7

The players were met with a cell of Atlantean rebels in the city of Splynn. They warned them that Splynncryth, the Splugorth master of Splynn was watching them and they wanted the players to wear a ‘wire’ to record their interaction with them. They also told them the history of the Atlanteans and the continent of Atlantis.

The players were then invited to a banquet being held by Splynncryth. He invited them to his back room and showed them a video of their ship captain and crew from their trip to Atlantis being held captive and about to enter the arena to fight the ‘Dragon Slayers’ in front of a huge crowd. They were given the option to:
a) Fight in the place of their friends.
b) Tell the Splugorth all about the Coalition and North America and the Resistance
c) Watch their friends fight the Dragonslayers

The players left. They went back to talk to the Atlanteans only to find a Sunaj had slain them.

They eventually got to the arena and fought with the Dragonslayers and saved a few of their friends.


ATLANTIS session 6

On a mission from General Rex, the Dragon Ice Pick, the power-armored knight Brother Gallahad and the Crazy Francis rode a spy boat into Atlantis.

When they neared the continent they encountered a ley line storm. Electric bugs rained down on the ship. They crash landed on the shore of ‘The Reserve’ from the Demon Sea. Ice Pick was on the prow of the boat clearing away the bugs while Francis telepathically talked to the captain and Brother Gallahad scraped the bugs off of the boat.

Upon landing they found there was a pyramid in the distance. They traveled closer.

A band of humans, ex-slaves, were running in the forest. They were surviving in hunting grounds and avoiding hunters.

The party went to the pyramid only to be confronted by a Kydian and it’s hunting inter-dimensional tiger beast. They fought inside the pyramid. The Kydian Overlord was defeated and shamed and left to live, but without his money or belongings.

The players then traveled to Splynn. A city with Egyptian, Roman and Greek architecture. It’s spotlessly clean and filled with beings from every dimension. All of the humans are slaves. The Spluggorth run this town.

Next week we go further into Atlantis and explore more cities. The city of dragons or gargoyles? Will hideous being infused with bio-wizardry or stone masters attack the party? It depends on the actions of the players.

Rifts Unlimitied Adventure 5 Halloween Special

We did the last adventure from the TMNT Adventures Sourcebook. 6 rooms of traps, 3 minute time limit, only one way out.

Master Vampire – K.I.A. in the second action of the first melee round.

Next week… ATLANTIS!

Rifts Unlimited Adventure 4 Into the Vampire Kingdoms

This adventure was written with the first 100 pages of ‘Rifts World Book One: Vampire Kingdoms’.

General Rex called U-ma into his office and introduced him to a new companion that would be joining them against the vampires. Brother Galahad is a cyber knight from a different dimension and loyal to Rex. The three traveled to Buckler to have the vampire slaying sword bound to Uma by a magic ritual.

Upon arriving in Buckler and receiving the sword, it talked to Uma. It said:

“Hello, this is the voice of Um’real. I was a warlock of the Black Circle who studied the black arts and have been called back from the spirit plane to aid you. Vampires destroyed my village and I died trying to defeat a Vampire Intelligence, a beast from another dimension that took root here on Earth.

It is very unnerving not having a body to feel, but be encased in metal and iron. Please promise me that after this mission is completed you will contact the Black Circle and have my spirit safely removed from this sword. I am here to aid you and taste vengeance as you destroy creatures of the cursed race that destroyed my loved ones."

The sword was black with black jewels in the hilt and the pommel was a jewel with a white swirling soul in it. It’s in a white blessed goat hide sheath that protects other people from the PPE sucking nature of the weapon.

The players then stepped through a rift into Central America.

“You look around and see desert and feel a strange cool sensation of spray from a raging river behind you. You are in the desert and looking at the Rio Grande. Since the coming of the rifts it has changed into a raging river. On a cactus plant is a black box with string tied around it. It’s a voice message, if played it says, “Hi guys. We waited for hours and got a bit nervous. You can find us in city called New El Paso at the ‘Broken Reeds Tavern’. New El Paso is a few miles north of here, you should be able to follow our car tracks. See you whenever you get here. Be careful out here, stay away from the river.”

You look up and notice that sun is beginning to set. Just how long were you traveling in the rift anyway? From the other side of the river you can see packs of red glowing eyes. Some of them are shouting, but their voices can’t be heard above the sound of the river. You see what looks like a swarm of bats attempt to fly over the river, but stop at the river bank and make hideous noises."

New El Paso seemed like a very nice town, except for its mutant animal gang problem and the check point at the gate. Brother Galahad refused to give up his weapons and stayed outside the gate until Balf came and charmed the guards into letting him into the city. Uma meanwhile met with Samantha, their contact in the city and was told to find a defecting vampire named ‘Jose’ in Juarez located across the Rio Grande.

The players’ boat had trouble crossing the river and they arrived in the late evening. As they stepped onto the shore the sun began to set. They decided to camp out for the night. A woman came running up to them with her dead child in her arms. Her village was being attacked by vampires and she was bitten in many places. The group decided to put her out of her misery not realizing that one can survive vampire bites for a very long time. Sometimes the horrors of war engulf the innocent.

When the players got to the small hamlet they found a pack of wild vampires with an elemental warlock leading them. Brother Galahad was not filled in on the vampires’ strengths and weaknesses so he fired a missile at them. It exploded with no effect to the vampires, but damaging their leading. Immediately they attacked.

In the battle Balf cast a ball of daylight to keep the vampires off. Brother Galahad stormed out into the darkness and hacked away at the sorcerer. He was covered in vampires and his armor started being ripped off his body. Uma had a great plan, she threw a water cooler full of holy water into the air and sliced it in half with one of her blades. Holy water rained down on Brother Galahad dissolving the vampires on top of him. He was covered in gore. Uma and Brother Galahad started simultaneously hacking away at the elemental sorcerer and made short work of him. The vampires, realizing their impending doom, fled. The sword Uma was weilding seemed very powerful against the undead creatures.

The players continued to travel to Juarez. On their way they came across a rotting dinosaur corpse covered in teeth marks. It looks like it was killed for pleasure.

They finally came to Juarez. Juarez is a lawless town with D-bees, gangsters, crooked cops and gunfighting everywhere. The players asked around about Jose and were told to find a secret Vampire wannabe club where goth kids hang out called ‘Fang Land’ located in territory controlled by a gang called ‘The Subs’. When players tried to get into the territory, a gang member tried to extort money. Brother Galahad chopped off his head and alerted all of the gang to their presence. They immediately climbed up a building and hid in some wreckage while hundreds of gang members were called to the location.

Rifts Unlimited Adventure 3 VAMPIRES ATTACK

Dream Sequence – You are tossing and turning in your sleep. An image of a gelatinous undulating jelly like sphere with tentacles and covered in eyes is wrapping you in its arms. You can’t breath. The sound of sucking holes surrounds you. You start to scream. A terrible scream comes from not you, but someone else trapped in the jelly close to you. Your throat feels constricted and you wake up in your dorm room, the lights are off and it’s the middle of the night.

U-ma and Balf woke form a terrible dream. They ran downstairs to find someone in the dorms eaten and limbs missing. Outside a Wild Vampire holding a mans arm was waiting to strike. Combat in the dark ended with U-ma holding the vampire with her terrific strength and Balf blasting it with a myriad of different spells. Eventually they staked it to the ground with a tree!

The next day they checked on Brynn Ellis. She seemed under the power of a strange spell. She was sick and wouldn’t leave her bed. She just stared out of the window waiting for somebody. Further inspection and magical interrogation revealed that she was under a vampires power.

General Rex talked to the players and introduced them to a druid named Dran Dreak. She needed green gems from a nearby mine to make weapons effective against the vampires. U-ma and Balf bravely went in search of the gems.

The mine was abandoned and dark. They encountered a Tri-Fang, three giant snakes fused together. They easily destroyed it. Balf paralyzed and blinded it while U-ma hacked it up. It barely got a hit on the players.

U-ma and Balf ventured forth looting some pre-rifts artifacts and going deeper into the mine. They went down a long mine shaft and found themselves in the middle of a room surrounded by green gems. They immediately began mining the gems. Suddenly their entry way was cut off and a strange voice came from speakers in the ceiling. Water came from the floor and started rising up. The players smashed through the ceiling and found themselves in a room filled with wires, levers and cobbled together electronics. After fiddling with some buttons and stopping the water they were attacked by Gremlin Techno Terrors. One of the gremlins had green glowing hands and was trying to rip the armor off of U-ma and Blaf. After easily defeating them and exploring the Gremlins’ hideout the players left with loot and green and black gems.

Back in Vivindale they met with Dran Dreak and discovered that she had put a circle around Brynn Ellis of herbs and garlic. The vampire tried to come back to bite Brynn Ellis again and failed. Dran Dreak recognized him as a South American vampire and told the players the only way to break the spell is to travel there and kill the vampire.

U-ma and Balf traveled to a nearby town that was holding a Wild Vampire captive and learned about some of the Vampire’s weaknesses. They also explored a smashed up Coalition vehicle that seemed to have been transporting feral Wild Vampires.

Next week the players will travel to South America. Rumor has it that there are kingdoms filled with vampires and savage lawless towns where only the strong survive. Hopefully U-ma and Balf are strong enough!


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