The world of Rifts.

Earth destroyed by ley lines.

Demons, D-bees, the Coalition, vampires, enslavers …


Character background – all of you are anti-coalition fighters, basically good and want to help people.

The players all grew up together in a new burb outside of chi town. The town was known as a refuge for unregistered psychics and anti-CS mercenary forces. The burb was unique because it had underground caves that were magically protected from the eyes of the CS. When the players were in their teens the coalition infiltrated the burb and found out about its secrets. The burb was attacked in the night, dead boys and coalition officers were killing people left and right. The players escaped in the night, their last vision of their home was large explosions from the caves being destroyed by explosives and screams from men, women and children trying to escape the CS’s wrath.

Rifts Unlimited

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