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Vivindale Part 2 - The Face of Evil

Adventure taken from Rifts Sourcebook 1 “The Face of Evil” – The adventure was adjusted for two players at first level, a ley line walker (Balf) and a juicer (Uma).

We traveled to Flinton. James T the ripped in half android was dead in the mansion. Lord Frommalaine was dying on the floor slowly regenerating. We were surprised to find out that he was a creature of magic with multiple arms! He was friendly and asked for our help. Crazy robots creatures were attacking the town of Flinton and were originating from the rogue pre-rifts A.I. structure by the name of Archie. In return for the mission items from pre-rifts era and magic spells were promised. We met some of the militia and made our way north to the military compound where James T said Archie was housed.

On the way there we ran into a band of Elves from the Banteem Empire. They were hunting a group of mating Black Faeries. Their group had been attacked and their human mages were killed. The group decided to ignore their plight and continue onward to the military compound. This was an action that would have consequences later.

When arriving at the military base the militia located a vent going downwards into the complex. The players went down and were in a complex built for robots. The robots were on the fritz and something strange was going on. We entered a dark storeroom. The ley line walker illuminated the room with magic to reveal a strange insectoid robot on the ceiling. Soon a battle comenced with the robot spinning around attacking with claws, feet and laser beams. The Juicer Uma stabbed it with her knife and sword and nearly split it in half. As sparks were raining down on her Balf the ley line walker repeatedly blasted it with a bolt of fire. At one point a reverse levitation spell was cast to keep the insectoid robot from escaping, making it unable to latch on to the ceiling. Eventually it died and it’s glitchy positronic brain stopped.

After the combat the two moved toward the main control room. They avoided an escalator going down and man hole to the surface guarded by a strange beast riding alien. In the main control room the players saw a giant brain with malfunctioning robots around it. The room was huge and had a giant throne facing the brain. On it the throne sat Hagan Lonovich with his two functioning robot guard dogs.

Hagan fled into the back room while his dogs attacked the party. The ley line mage levitated onto the brain while the juicer sliced into the dog near the throne. Eventually both the Balf and Uma made it onto the brain defending themselves and knocking the dogs onto the floor below. At one point Uma broke off from the battle with the dogs and chased down Hagan. When Balf caught up, after taking care of the last of the dogs, he used magic to charm Hagan into trusting him. They left together as Uma sliced her way into the giant brain and eventually destroyed it. The complex crumbled around them, Hagan jumped back into the complex as it was collapsing!

On the way back to the town of Flinton they picked up the lone survivor from the Elf party hunting the black faeries. The party rescued him and brought him to Flinton. He appears to be form a different dimension and ended up in Rifts Earth by accident.

Upon returning to Flinton they were greated with a heroes return. Questions about the foes the heroes have met still remain. Is K’Torkid still out there watching? Will the cult of K’Torkid strike again? Is Hagan still alive?

Vivindale Part 1 - Cult of K'torkid

Uma the female juicer and Balf the male Ley Line walker were sent to check out the town of Buckler. Buckler is an early start up that has almost gained city status.

On the way they ran into part of a Coalition patrol running away from the city. Dead boys and dog pack soldiers injured from the fight. After killing the dogs the Coalition Dead Boys gave up the fight.

When Uma and Balf got to Buckler they found death. In the center of the carnage was a man in red robes. When confronted he turned into a jaguar and ran away. His white robed followers preached the gospel of K’torkid. They gave their business card and took their followers and left.

When returning to Vivindale a new mission was given: Infiltrate the cult and bring back information on K’torkid.

Uma and Balf went to the compound. A half mile drive led up to four silver domes inlaid in the hills. Balf went first, stripped off his clothing and donned the robes of the cultists. He was led to the atrium and transmitted messages to Uma via the powerful nexus point and ley line energy. In the atrium Balf witnessed the true from K’torkid; a fire dragon feeding off of the P.P.E. of its followers.

Uma ran into the complex speeding at 50 m.p.h. at running speed. She screamed around down the stairwell running on the walls ready for a fight. Smashing through the doors Uma led herself into a conflict with the Red Dragon. She leaped and tried to latch onto the dragon only to be brushed aside. The dragon stunned but confident breathed fire into its followers to try and kill Balf. Balf with only a sliver of a second to act managed to throw up a shield of ley line energy and save himself from the fate of the surrounding cultists.

Uma then leaped again to attack the dragon and succeeded only to have it teleport away from her. Uma and Balf decided to make a retreat. The dragon laughed at the chaos as it dimensionally teleported to a city to of gargoyles and dragons. The city of Dragcona in Atlantis!

Upon leaving Uma and Balf were shot at by snipers in the hills, but they made it back to Vivindale. They told General Rex in Vivindale about their findings and received a new mission from the information from the cultist they saved from the compound named Brynn Ellis. The juicer and ley line walker will travel north to Flinton.


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