Knife-wielding Juicer and Guitarist extroardinnaire


Name: U-MA (Ulyana Marisova)
Occupation: Resistance Soldier
Class: Juicer
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Languages: Russian, American, Spanish
Hobbies: Guitar, collecting guitar picks (taking mementos from particularly strong enemies and turning them into guitar picks), taking care of “Anastassia”.


U-ma is her stage name. Her birth name is Ulyana Marisova, Russian in origin. And I’ve changed the pronunciation of her stage name to “Yuu-ma” (ゆ-ま if you know Japanese), though she responds to either pronunciation (Ulyana is pronounced oo-LYAH-na).

Mr. and Mrs. Marisova were prominent scientists in Russia, but they felt that Russia’s extreme fear and rejection of all things magic was only hurting their research, and consequently Russia’s ability to resist the DBs, so they took their two daughters to America where they could freely research all things Rifts (I don’t actually know if intercontinental travel is even possible in the Rifts world. Need a call from the DM). The Marisova’s, knowing about the reputation of the Coalition, turned to the Resistance and offered their services in return for taking in their family. As a result, English is Ulyana’s second language and, while she can speak it fluently, speaks it with a Russian accent.

After losing her home, and her family (parents and a younger sister, Anastassia), to the Coalition, she decided that when she gets of age she would contribute to the resistance. However, being a girl, and not particularly of buff physique, even for a girl, she realized the only way she could fight against the coalition was to become a Juicer (she adamantly refused any suggestions that she take a more passive role in the resistance, like administration or mechanics).

As she started combat training as a Juicer, she slowly began to develop a curious relationship with her vibro-knife, possibly a side-effect of the drugs. She claims that the knife is a reincarnation of her little sister, Anastassia, that died in the attack on her home 10 years ago. As a result, when wielding this knife, she claims that the knife gains a will of its own and relentlessly attacks any Coalition in the vicinity. In general, U-MA is lawful-good (lawful to the Resistance), but when holding her knife in combat, her body goes chaotic-neutral and there’s a constant struggle between her mind and body during this period. Though it hasn’t happened yet, Resistance doctors fear that if she is ever in a situation where she is surrounded by one too many Coalition, she may finally snap and go into a blood-thirsty rage.

In the years leading up to her becoming a Juicer, U-MA took up the guitar, primarily as a distraction from the loss of her family, particularly her little sister. The guitar became her second obsession, second to learning how to fight, and earned her a spot in a punk band. She left the band when she became a Juicer, though she still sometimes plays a gig with them when she’s not busy with missions.

It has been one year since she became a Juicer. Her contract with the Resistance is for only 3 years as a Juicer, at which point, if she has served them to their satisfaction, they will also detox her back into a regular human. She isn’t sure yet if she wants to detox before it’s too late or use that extra time before she dies to cause as much damage to the Coalition.


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