Rifts Unlimited

Splynn Session 7

The players were met with a cell of Atlantean rebels in the city of Splynn. They warned them that Splynncryth, the Splugorth master of Splynn was watching them and they wanted the players to wear a ‘wire’ to record their interaction with them. They also told them the history of the Atlanteans and the continent of Atlantis.

The players were then invited to a banquet being held by Splynncryth. He invited them to his back room and showed them a video of their ship captain and crew from their trip to Atlantis being held captive and about to enter the arena to fight the ‘Dragon Slayers’ in front of a huge crowd. They were given the option to:
a) Fight in the place of their friends.
b) Tell the Splugorth all about the Coalition and North America and the Resistance
c) Watch their friends fight the Dragonslayers

The players left. They went back to talk to the Atlanteans only to find a Sunaj had slain them.

They eventually got to the arena and fought with the Dragonslayers and saved a few of their friends.




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