Rifts Unlimited

Rifts Unlimited Adventure 3 VAMPIRES ATTACK

Dream Sequence – You are tossing and turning in your sleep. An image of a gelatinous undulating jelly like sphere with tentacles and covered in eyes is wrapping you in its arms. You can’t breath. The sound of sucking holes surrounds you. You start to scream. A terrible scream comes from not you, but someone else trapped in the jelly close to you. Your throat feels constricted and you wake up in your dorm room, the lights are off and it’s the middle of the night.

U-ma and Balf woke form a terrible dream. They ran downstairs to find someone in the dorms eaten and limbs missing. Outside a Wild Vampire holding a mans arm was waiting to strike. Combat in the dark ended with U-ma holding the vampire with her terrific strength and Balf blasting it with a myriad of different spells. Eventually they staked it to the ground with a tree!

The next day they checked on Brynn Ellis. She seemed under the power of a strange spell. She was sick and wouldn’t leave her bed. She just stared out of the window waiting for somebody. Further inspection and magical interrogation revealed that she was under a vampires power.

General Rex talked to the players and introduced them to a druid named Dran Dreak. She needed green gems from a nearby mine to make weapons effective against the vampires. U-ma and Balf bravely went in search of the gems.

The mine was abandoned and dark. They encountered a Tri-Fang, three giant snakes fused together. They easily destroyed it. Balf paralyzed and blinded it while U-ma hacked it up. It barely got a hit on the players.

U-ma and Balf ventured forth looting some pre-rifts artifacts and going deeper into the mine. They went down a long mine shaft and found themselves in the middle of a room surrounded by green gems. They immediately began mining the gems. Suddenly their entry way was cut off and a strange voice came from speakers in the ceiling. Water came from the floor and started rising up. The players smashed through the ceiling and found themselves in a room filled with wires, levers and cobbled together electronics. After fiddling with some buttons and stopping the water they were attacked by Gremlin Techno Terrors. One of the gremlins had green glowing hands and was trying to rip the armor off of U-ma and Blaf. After easily defeating them and exploring the Gremlins’ hideout the players left with loot and green and black gems.

Back in Vivindale they met with Dran Dreak and discovered that she had put a circle around Brynn Ellis of herbs and garlic. The vampire tried to come back to bite Brynn Ellis again and failed. Dran Dreak recognized him as a South American vampire and told the players the only way to break the spell is to travel there and kill the vampire.

U-ma and Balf traveled to a nearby town that was holding a Wild Vampire captive and learned about some of the Vampire’s weaknesses. They also explored a smashed up Coalition vehicle that seemed to have been transporting feral Wild Vampires.

Next week the players will travel to South America. Rumor has it that there are kingdoms filled with vampires and savage lawless towns where only the strong survive. Hopefully U-ma and Balf are strong enough!



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