Rifts Unlimited

Atlantis The FINAL Session 8

Acid rain started pouring down onto the audience. Transdimensional beings started fleeing every which way. Some were being wounded, some tilted their heads back to drink the rain. The players escaped and met up with Balf the Ley Line Walker and Francis the Crazy.

Convinced to go to the city of dragons, Ice Pick, Balf, Francis, Sir Gallahad and Uma set out into the mountains.

They stopped at a monastery dedicated to elemental gods. They talked to the ice and air elemental and had a good night’s rest.

The next day they wandered into gargoyle territory. They were stopped by a gargoyle mage and four gurgoyles. Balf stopped the guygoyles in their tracks with magic fly paper and Ice Pick, Uma, Francis and Brother Gallahad ripped apart the mage. Before they could finish the mage off he teleported away.

They finally reached Avurron the capital city of the gargoyles. They started buying weapons. They were sent on a quest to kill a slaver for money and weapons. They reached the slaver and blind women (the cover of the first Rifts Core Rulebook) and engaged in battle with the slaver. As they defeated it a Dragon Dreadnought appeared in the sky and the party suddenly felt strange. They started feeling the terrible effects of being unwillingly teleported.



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