Rifts Unlimited

ATLANTIS session 6

On a mission from General Rex, the Dragon Ice Pick, the power-armored knight Brother Gallahad and the Crazy Francis rode a spy boat into Atlantis.

When they neared the continent they encountered a ley line storm. Electric bugs rained down on the ship. They crash landed on the shore of ‘The Reserve’ from the Demon Sea. Ice Pick was on the prow of the boat clearing away the bugs while Francis telepathically talked to the captain and Brother Gallahad scraped the bugs off of the boat.

Upon landing they found there was a pyramid in the distance. They traveled closer.

A band of humans, ex-slaves, were running in the forest. They were surviving in hunting grounds and avoiding hunters.

The party went to the pyramid only to be confronted by a Kydian and it’s hunting inter-dimensional tiger beast. They fought inside the pyramid. The Kydian Overlord was defeated and shamed and left to live, but without his money or belongings.

The players then traveled to Splynn. A city with Egyptian, Roman and Greek architecture. It’s spotlessly clean and filled with beings from every dimension. All of the humans are slaves. The Spluggorth run this town.

Next week we go further into Atlantis and explore more cities. The city of dragons or gargoyles? Will hideous being infused with bio-wizardry or stone masters attack the party? It depends on the actions of the players.



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